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HomeBased/Independent Contractor/Freelancer Guide 101

October 2, 2010

This is a side segment of movie poop shoot discussing about helpful guides for those aspiring to be an Independent contractor or a freelancer. We have our special guest FoxyCher, an experienced Freelancer to discuss about things you need to know about doing home based jobs.

Everything you need to know about being an Independent contractor/freelancer is here!You better listen to FoxyCher's advices. We'd like to share what we know and what you need to know in doing Home based jobs.

Check out HBIC (Home Based Independent Contractor) website at and we will help you find a home based job that fits your skills. Also check out FoxyCher's blog at one of the most popular blog in the Philippines.

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Enjoy Listening!

Participants on this show are:

Richard Bigs (Dick)


Foxy Cher